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DIA Attendance

Dubois Integrity Academy prides itself on providing quality education to its scholars per the State Compulsory Act (GA Code § 20-2-690.1). A KEY part of any student's education. This page provides clarity on DIA's attendance policies and procedures. Please read thoroughly before sending any notes.

Understanding Attendance

Excuse Notes should have:

  1. Scholar(s)' Name.

  2. Scholar(s)' Grade.

  3. Date(s) to be excused.

  4. Name of the organization - or- parent or guardian requesting the absence be excused.

  5. The date the scholar is to return -or- How many days they will be absent.

  6. All excuse notes must be sent to

GA State Compulsory Attendance

Georgia's Compulsory School Attendance Laws require that every child must be enrolled in school between their sixth and sixteenth birthdays, except those who have successfully completed all requirements for a high school diploma. O.C.G.A 20-2-690.1 (a). Also, any student enrolled for 20 days or more prior to their seventh birthday is subject to the Compulsory School Attendance Laws (Georgia Code Section 20-2-690 through 20-2-701), and the rules and regulations of the Georgia State Board of Education relating to compulsory school attendance. O.C.G.A 20-2-150 (c).

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