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Parked School Buses

Transportation Information

Currently, parents are required to pick up and drop off each of their scholars at their assigned campuses. Each campus will have lanes assigned to specific grade levels and siblings. We will have traffic guides in place to help direct you to the proper lane. Car tags must be shown in order to pickup your scholar. Without a car tag, you must present ID and be listed as an authorized pickup.

DIA wants to assist in facilitating parent opportunities in getting their children safely to and from school. While we are not providing transportation as part of our school program, we want to take an active role in coordinating solutions with parents that we will help families to navigate transportation challenges. Please note some of the options that we are presenting:

1. Parents may drop off and pick up their children from school.

2. Parents may utilize DIA’s before and after care programs.

3. Parents may work together to develop safe, central locations for 10-15 student clusters.

4. Parents may create carpool opportunities in surrounding neighborhoods.

5. Parents may use local day care centers to drop off or pick up their students. A list of local day care centers will be made available.

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