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For the Parents

We've created one place for you to receive all of the information you need. From nutrition to medical policies, to afterschool care, we've got you covered!


Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Infinite Campus is a great tool that will allow parents to view their student's grades, schedule, pay for before and aftercare, and more! If you are having trouble accessing Infinite Campus, we can help you get into your account.

Arriving at School

DIA wants to assist in facilitating parent opportunities in getting their children safely to and from school. While we are not providing transportation as part of our school program, we want to take an active role in coordinating solutions with parents that we will help families to navigate transportation challenges.


DIA has a mandatory structured uniform policy. Uniforms are very important for the school culture as they promote pride, respect, unity, and a sense of success. It is imperative that ALL Scholars come to school dressed in the scheduled appropriate uniform.

School Teacher

Before & Aftercare

Before & Aftercare is offered for all grade levels to help keep you on schedule! We offer weekly and drop-in rates as well as discounts for siblings. We also accept CAPS.

Breakfast & Lunch Menu

We have our monthly breakfast and lunch menus available to view so that you can be aware of the daily nutrition your scholar is receiving. If your student has food allergies, we can help make sure that they remain in good health while in our hands.

Taping a shoulder wound

The Nurse's Office

Do you have questions or needs regarding your scholar's wellness and health at school? Our licensed nurses are available at every campus and will make sure your child gets the care they deserve in our hands.

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Every day isn't always the best day whether at home or school. Our highly trained counselors can assist your student with their emotional needs so that they can get through each and every day.

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Attendance Office

Have questions about our policies regarding your scholar's attendance? We have answers! You can also learn the proper protocols for submitting excuses and documentation.

Coming soon!

Student Records

We offer the official student records per request for schools and organizations. Documents can include transcripts, IEPs and 504s, and behavior record. We offer all parents the option to request their student's transcripts, grades, and test scores.

Coming Soon!

Parent Volunteering

Interested in becoming a Parent Volunteer at one of our campuses? We would love to have you assist us and the scholars with our daily needs. 

You must complete an application, sign the Confidentiality Agreement, and complete mandated reporter training and a background check. Resources are below:

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