It's A Great  Day To Learn The DuBois Way - A Choice Education - Established 2014 Clayton County, GA

Church Street Campus

6479 Church St.
Riverdale, GA 30274
(770) 997-4860


Administrative Office
6504 Church St.
Riverdale, GA 30274 Suite 1 & 2

770-629-1534   FAX: 678-489-3866

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Main Street  Campus

Third - Fifth Grade

749 Main Street

​Riverdale, GA 30274


West Fayetteville Campus

Sixth  Grade Academy

(Fountain of Faith)

6712 West Fayetteville Rd
Riverdale, GA 30296
(770) 626-3542


Kindergarten - Seventh

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Contact: Administration

6504 Church St.
Riverdale, GA 30274 Suite 1 & 2

​(770) 629-1534​

DIA re-opening plan 2021-2022

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Du Bois Integrity Academy takes a whole-child approach to elementary education. Teachers, administrators, counselors, and support staff work together to meet the intellectual, social, behavioral, and emotional needs of each and every child we serve.

DIA Annual Report

​​​​​​​​DIA Governance Board  meeting: ​

​​DuBois Integrity Academy State Charter School monthly board meeting  Tuesday, June 21, 2022  6:30PM

Monthly board meetings and open public hearings will be held in the school's Auditorium (Main Street Campus) located at 749 Main St, Riverdale, GA 30274

Welcome to DuBois Integrity Academy

DIA revised re-opening 2021-2022

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