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How to: Purchase from DIA's store

*These instructions apply to computers and cell phones. Using a phone requires a lot more scrolling.

*Field trip payments can be made in either the 'Field Trip & Activities' section or in the 'School Store'.

Step 1 - Tell us who the purchase is for

Step 2 - Click "View Cart"

Step 3 - Now, review your order. Buyers will always have the opportunity to review their order before purchasing it. There is also an 'Add a note' section if any extra notes need to be added.

Step 4 - Checkout. This is when you review your existing information or type in the new payment information. Fill in the 'Payment' and 'Billing Address' sections, then press 'Continue'. The delivery method information is not relevant, please disregard it.

Step 5 - Review, Place Order & Pay. During this time please review all the information before confirming your purchase and paying for it.

The above instructions apply to buying this in general in the school store. Feel free to refer to these five steps whenever you need to purchase something.


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