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Our Curriculum

Academic and Organizational Performance Goals

  • To increase grade promotion, high school graduation and post-secondary matriculation rates by arousing the interests and stimulating the learning capacities of economically disadvantaged students;


  • To increase students' reading and mathematics skills by 30% and to proficiency level in 80% of the students by the end of the school year;


  • To achieve an attendance rate of 94% and a graduation rate of 95%;To have at least 70% of high students achieve a composite score of at least 20 on the ACT, after two years of enrollment;


  • To implement a curriculum whose content is academically challenging and competitive with other academically challenging programs in the nation and the world;


  • To develop a mutual support for and a strengthening of science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics (STEM+Arts).


  • To enhance student participation through quarterly student-teacher collaboration and peer-to-peer collaboration;


  • To create a "student safety net" through intensive case management and a network of community and academic supportive services;


  • To develop and maintain a cadre of highly qualified staff and teachers through selective recruitment and in-service professional development;


  • To implement research-based practices that promote significant positive change in student achievement, attitudes and social behaviors in students;


  • To monitor fiscal and academic performances through intensive reporting requirements and outcome measurements. 

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