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STEM at DuBois Integrity Academy is focused on a student-centered learning environment that targets 100% of our student population. We offer an integrated curriculum that enhances standards-based instruction aligned to the Georgia Standards of Excellence. Students engage in problem solving, collaboration, hands-on and digital activities while making real world connections. Our characteristics of the STEM curriculum includes exposing our scholars regularly to unique and explicit engineering disciplines.


Immersed in our STEM program is our award-winning Robotics Competition Team and our Girls Who Code Team.  DuBois Integrity Academy is committed to promoting the natural curiosities of children to teach Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and critical thinking skills which is STEM.



DuBois Integrity Academy instructional leaders will center their comprehensive school reform best practices on Georgia Standards of Excellence infused with STEM and Arts integration that uses a “Blended Learning” platform to connect highly effective teachers in ways that promote rigor, relevance and relationships. Student learning will be held to high standards and high expectations every day!

DIA State Report Card

View DuBois Integrity Academy's School Grades Report from the GA's Governor's Office of Student Achievement.

This report gives a snapshot of our school's overall performance throughout each year by the state of Georgia.



Our kindergarten classrooms provide an academically rich curriculum and family-teacher conferences that help make sure your child is ready for first grade and beyond.

Elementary Grades 1-5

Our elementary school implements profound fundamentals in its curriculum and learning environment. Your scholar will have access to STEM, art, music, physical education, recess, and positive intervention daily.

Middle School
Grades 6-8


Our middle schoolers are provided unique opportunities that increase not only their knowledge and skills, but their character. Scholars are offered STEM, Spanish, Music, Physical Education, and Art for in-school connections. Sports and other extracurricular activities are also offered such as our Robotics Team.

504, Special Needs, and Services.

We offer an array of services for scholars with unique needs and abilities. We offer Speech and Occupational Therapy, Gifted testing, and more! For students with exceptional needs, we have a unique classroom setting and highly trained educators that cater to progress. We also offer ESOL for scholars learning and sharpening their English.

Sports & Activities


We offer several extracurricular activities including our competing Robotics Team, Girl Scouts, and more! We also offer male and female basketball, track, and cheerleading!

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