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DuBois Integrity Academy (DIA) welcomes intent to enroll forms from all students who are residents of Clayton County, Georgia at the time of submission.  DIA currently serves students in grades Kindergarten through 8th grade. DIA will serve students from all the aforementioned grades and every subsequent year, the school will determine the number of spaces available in each grade based on the capacity in that grade and the anticipated number of return students.  


Application Process

The lottery selection event for DuBois Integrity Academy (DIA) will be held at 6:30 pm on the third Tuesday in March before the upcoming school calendar year. DIA will begin accepting enrollment letter of intent forms in January of the calendar year before the Lottery date. The deadlines for submission of the lottery letter of intent form will be advertised at least one month in advance of the lottery date.


The school will accept applications up to 5 pm on the Friday before the Lottery.  If the school receives applications for enrollment after the published deadlines, those applicants will be held at the school admissions office with a date received and time stamp. They will be placed on a waiting list for the prescribed calendar year and will be placed in the admission cycle on a first come first admitted basis based on space available.


Enrollment will close on October 15th for each school year. If fewer students have entered the lottery by the declared lottery date and there are spaces available, those students who were placed on the waiting list will be automatically offered a seat in the school based on availability.  The school will then conduct additional enrollment processes for each grade, as necessary, until full enrollment in that grade is reached.  


Pre-Enrollment for the 2024-2025 School Year is now open! 


Enrollment Policy

Each potential student will receive an enrollment/lottery number within 2 days of receipt of their intent to enroll form. The lottery will be conducted in an advertised public place. A disinterested third party draws the lottery. All applicants selected to DuBois will be notified by mail or by phone.


Parents/Guardians must accept enrollment in writing within 4 days of the notification date. The school will be in contact with families via email between the date of notification and the acceptance deadline to remind families that an enrollment offer was sent to their preferred email. Failure to accept enrollment by the acceptance deadline will lead to the space being offered to the next applicant on the waitlist. Reasonable proof of current residency is necessary at the time an offer of admission is made.


Please note: If you voluntarily withdraw your child after being accepted via the lottery system and enroll in DuBois Integrity Academy, you are not eligible for admissions/lottery again until after a two year waiting period. This gives other families an opportunity for admissions/lottery. 

Eligibility Criteria

Enrollment at DIA is non-discriminatory and open to students entering Kindergarten through the 8th grade who are residents of Clayton County, Georgia at the time of application.  

There are two criteria for students to be eligible for enrollment:

  1. It is required that families provide proof of residency by providing one of the following documents at the time they submit an official application: a gas bill, an electricity bill, a cable bill, or a lease agreement/mortgage statement.  Should a family fail to provide proof of residency or should it be determined that a family has provided false information about residency, the application will be void.

  2. Before the first day of school, the year of enrollment, the student must have completed the grade preceding the grade to which he or she seeks admission.  Families who do not provide evidence of the student’s successful completion of the previous grade will be notified at the phone number and mailing address as indicated on their original application and registration package and their offer of enrollment will be revoked.

DuBois does not administer tests to potential applicants or predicate enrollment on results from any test of ability or achievement.   DIA does not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, creed, sex, gender identity, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental or physical disability, age, ancestry, athletic performance, special need, proficiency in the English language or a foreign language, or prior academic achievement when recruiting or admitting students.  All information requested in the registration package, such as language spoken at home or race/ethnicity is not intended and will not be used to discriminate. 

Waitlist Policy

If the number of applicants for a particular grade, who satisfy eligibility criteria for that grade, exceeds the space available, such applicants will be placed on a grade level wait list in the sequence of their randomly generated lottery number (taking into account sibling and resident preferences). If a student stops attending DuBois or declines admission, the first student on the wait list for that grade will be offered the seat by telephone or in writing, as in the lottery process above.  No student will be admitted ahead of other eligible students on the waiting list unless said student is either a sibling of a previously enrolled student or the child of employee or Board member of DIA.  


If the student declines or does not respond to an enrollment offer within the stated deadline, he or she will be removed permanently from the waiting list.  The waiting list is not retained each year. DIA will keep accurate records of the wait list containing the names, home addresses, telephone numbers and grade levels of students who entered the lottery but did not gain admission. 


Students who are already enrolled at DuBois do not need to re-apply or re-register.  Should an enrolled student fail to attend school policies and procedures pertaining to attendance will be applied.

Info Board

The annual lottery was held for the 2024-2025 school year on Tuesday, March 19th, 2024. If you complete a pre-enrollment after March 21st, your scholar will be placed on our waitlist. 

Acceptance Letter emails will come from within 48 hrs of March 19th. If you do not receive an email within 48 hrs please check your spam first, then email

Acceptance Letters are sent via email. The deadline to accept your scholar's enrollment is Monday, March 25th. If you do not accept by this date, your scholar will be placed on our waitlist.

If you have completed your Acceptance Letter, you will be notified via email with a registration link to officially enroll, upload documentation, and enter household information through Infinite Campus. The deadline to complete registration is Friday, April 12th

If you are unable to upload documents or cannot provide certain documents by the deadline, email You can send documentation directly to this email. 

Please complete the Records Request link below to have your scholar's records sent to DuBois Integrity Academy from their current school.

Proof of Residence Document Requirements

If you receive an Acceptance Letter for your child to enroll at DuBois Integrity Academy, you will be asked to complete and submit an Enrollment Packet. This Enrollment Packet Checklist provides a list of all documents that would need to be submitted with the Enrollment Packet. 

Please note: Checklist documents should not be submitted when you return the admissions application for your child. You will only need to submit an Enrollment Packet, and the items on this checklist, if you receive an Acceptance Letter. 

The following documents should be submitted with the Enrollment Packet: 






    • It is not mandatory to provide a social security card/number.







Proof of Residence Documentation Requirements: 
The person, with whom the child lives with must attach proof of residency, dated within the last (30) days, and must show parent, guardian or legal name and street address. Please note that a P.O. Box is not acceptable as a residence address. Please carefully read the scenarios listed below and provide the documentation that applies to your child’s living situation.


Note: If legal custody of a child is split between two parents, in addition to the documents listed above, you must also attach a certified copy of the most recent court order identifying each parent’s respective award of physical custody. You are responsible for immediately informing the school of any changes to the court order.

Should a family fail to provide proof of residency or should it be determined that a family has provided false information of residency, the application will be void.​

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