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Students will obtain, evaluate, and apply conservation methods to sustain wildlife, our environment, and the planet! This trip is for scholars only. Please only purchase one ticket per scholar.


The Fourth-grade field trip is scheduled for 2/2/2024.


* Volunteers have already been selected. Please do not buy a ticket to chaperone unless already confirmed with the Principal, Myron Jones.

* Money Orders will be accepted in the Admin Office located in Andy's Plaza at 6504 Church St, Suite 1 & 2, Riverdale, GA 30274.

Georgia Aquarium [Fourth Grade]

    • A permission slip is required!
    • Buyers are responsible for all taxes and fees. Only buy one ticket per student.
    • Money Orders are accepted in the Administrative Office, in Andy's Plaza at 6504 Church St, Ste  2, Riverdale GA 30274. NO CASH Accepted
    • Email with any questions or concerns.
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