Main Street  Campus

Third - Fifth Grade

749 Main Street

​Riverdale, GA 30274


West Fayetteville Campus

Sixth  Grade Academy

(Fountain of Faith)

6712 West Fayetteville Rd
Riverdale, GA 30296
(770) 626-3542


Kindergarten - Seventh

Message from New Path Consortium

The mission of The W. E. B. Du Bois Consortium of Charter Schools is to improve academic achievement in at-risk students by providing high-quality schools that academic achievement through a focus on high expectations, strong school leadership, effective teaching, character development, parental and community engagement and positive results, in a technology-enriched environment. The education delivery system incorporates best practices and research-based teaching strategies that work. The aim is to accelerate cognitive development and foster academic achievement for economically disadvantaged students through theme-based education. Building learning capacity and the retention of students who have been labeled as "difficult to teach" are two main goals. Du Bois schools implement comprehensive, coordinated instructional strategies to help students acquire the skills to become successful in mastering academic content. Staff, students and parents work together to provide an environment which revolutionizes the education process for each member of the learning community. Program components are aligned with state standards/Common Core Standards, curricula and assessments to ensure that instructional goals and objectives are met. The focus is on high student achievement, effective teaching, high expectations, character development, parental engagement, strong leadership and positive results.

Dr. Willie Herenton

It's A Great  Day To Learn The DuBois Way - A Choice Education - Established 2014 Clayton County, GA


Church Street Campus

6479 Church St.
Riverdale, GA 30274
(770) 997-4860

Administrative Office
6504 Church St.
Riverdale, GA 30274 Suite 1 & 2

770-629-1534   FAX: 678-489-3866

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