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GA School Choice Week at the Capitol

Representative Glanton was on hand to greet visitors before he was scheduled to speak at rally.  He graciously hosted the students from Du Bois Integrity Academy (DIA) from Clayton County, GA.  He shared history facts and challenged the young minds to tour the capitol grounds.  Rep. Glanton also invited students' to visit his office where they had the opportunity to seat and 'play' the role of a state representative .  

On Friday, February 26, 2016, Du Bois Integrity Academy (DIA), in partnership with B-ROW (Basic Right Over Wrong) provided educational products and services focused on teaching common courtesy, good manners and basic values to all DIA students.

 The comprehensive Character Education plan is for elementary schools, grades K-5. The plan includes online access to animated character stories and quizzes, teacher lesson guides, visual aids in the form of Word Cards, a 12 song Common Courtesy Tools CD/booklet and student daily reminder charts. 
Supporters invited -  NFL & NBA players & their moms: Tish Hayward – Casey Hayward, Green Bay Packers, Sheryl Howard – Dwight Howard, Houston Rockets and LA Lakers, Char McNabb – Donovan McNabb, retired, formerly of Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins, Paulette Smith – Josh Smith, Houston Texans, Arica Johnson – Calvin Johnson, Detroit Lions, Carol Berry – Eric Berry, Kansas City Chiefs

February 23, 2016 Riverdale, GA -- This school year, PowerMyLearning started a new partnership with Du Bois Integrity Academy (DIA), a state-of-the-art  STEM Charter School in Clayton County.  We will kick off our partnership with a Family Learning Workshop for 200+ families (3rd-5th graders) on Saturday, February 27, 2016.

 PowerMyLearning will provided training for families on digital learning resources and strategies to help parents become more effective learning partners for their children. Families that participate will receive home learning centers, which are free laptops loaded with 40 digital learning programs and pre-installed genuine Microsoft software. In addition, PowerMyLearning will provide 24×7 access to tech support and internet access discounts to enable continued learning at home and ensure the device will become a valuable, long-lasting educational tool.

B-ROW (Basic Right Over Wrong)

Power My Learning - Training &

Free Computers